And the winner is...

Earlier this week we had a poll up on facebook, Twitter and Tumblr to have our friends and fans decide what our next product line should be.  Kigurumi, jackets, scarf hats and pajamas went toe to toe in a confrontation for your affection.  We got some great responses from everyone and after all the votes were tallied, the pajamas reigned supreme!



It's important to note that the kigurumi, jackets and scarf hats aren't out of the picture permanently.  We'll get back to them soon and we'll be sure to let you know when we do!  For now though, we wanted to share some of the great options we're planning on including with our adorable PJs!

Arguably the most important thing about our PJs is that they'll come in all of our wonderful animal varieties!  They'll also have fully functional butt flaps, though you can always opt to have those sewn up so you don't catch any stray breezes. The front of the PJs will come with either buttons or a nice chunky zipper.  We're also working on deluxe paws for both your hands and your feet!

We'll make sure to have plenty of pictures and updates as we start to produce prototypes.  Thanks so much for your votes!  We know you're going to love the pajamas!
Ryan Numrich


Ryan Numrich

That is amazing how your making pajamas!!! I’ve always wanted to see what the pajamas would look like if you guys made them. Please let me know when the pajamas are ready to be bought because I would buy two.

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