Our wiener dog scarf has been a huge hit with winter rolling in, so we've gone ahead and come up with a few furry playmates!  Black and tan dachshunds and corgis and the Pembroke corgi will be up on the store soon!  As with all of our scarves, these new pups will be made of comfy, warm anti-pill fleece and the heads will have a safety pin on the back so you can keep them cinched up snugly!



In addition to our new scarves, we've also got our new Santamals Hats & Tails available.  Whatever your gift-giving tradition, you can look the part with the wolf, fox, black cat or white cat Santamals!  We can also do custom animals if you're looking for something a little more exotic (lion Santa, perhaps?) but you'll have to order soon!  Just like Frosty the Snowman, these sets are only here for a limited time...

Written by Ryan Numrich — December 06, 2013

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