Con Report: Naka-Kon 2016!

Con Report: Naka-Kon 2016!

There were tons of people at Naka-con this year, and it made for a really fun time!

Naka-con is an annual anime con in Overland Park, Kansas. There was a cosplay contest, a charity ball, some sweet concerts, and more! None of which we went to because we are old party poopers who went to bed way too early. But, we heard from all the other attendees that it was a pretty great time. ^_~

Here's how our booth looked this weekend, we had a great spot!

We sold our first partial before the main floor even opened! This adorable husky partial finally found a happy owner with a VIP member.

and made some friends c:

We also found our pink red panda partial a new home. If you didn't get to see it here it is again with its Corgi partner:

Our corgi was also a big hit, but we are still looking to find it a home of its own! Look for it at Shuto con this weekend if you're interested!

Another big hit at the con were our fluffikin pillows!
Click the picture below to see them in our store, or click here

And due to popular request, we are now accepting custom orders on our fluffikin puffs and our fluffikin pillows. Find the form to get your very own here!

Overall the weekend was super fun and we can't wait for next year. In the meantime, look for us this weekend at Shutocon or Evillecon!

Barbara Staples

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