Karaoke, cosplay contests, joeparday, and much more! Evillecon had a ton of stuff to see and do, which made for a super fun (and busy) weekend!

There were a ton of cosplayers, and a few fursuiters. Our favorite cosplay we saw was Astrid from How to Train you Dragon, but unfortunately we didn't get a picture.
We also didn't go to the rave, but we heard the DJ was great c;


^^ Cosplay Chess! (found on Evillecon Web Site)

Here are some pictures of the booth:



We sold a lot of tails at Evillecon. A bunch of people upgraded their old wispy Lemonbrat tail and ears to our new luxury tails and ears!
Want to upgrade your wispy set? Click here!


We also had these two lovely ladies come back to our booth since Evillecon last year to get some new hoodies! Wolf power!

 Another fun item we had this time were grab bags! One of our customers started a trend that whatever you got in your grab bag you had to wear for the rest of the convention. So lots of people were wearing tails, ears, badges, necklaces, hats, and more - even if they made for funny combinations!

We bought a Hug Fuzzy from this booth:

You can see her wearing a Hug Fuzzy in the picture. Essentially when you hug someone who also has a Hug Fuzzy, you pull a piece of yarn from your yarn ball and tie it to the other persons necklace. This is a good way to remember everyone that you've hugged!

Stay tuned to hear about our equally exciting weekend at Shuto Con 2016!


Written by Barbara Staples — March 21, 2016

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