FWA was so much fun this year! There were a ton of fursuits (of course) and we found a lot of people were using this opportunity to buy their first fursuits! It was great to be in such a fun and immersive culture. From experienced fursuiters to those just starting off there were so many fursonas to admire and meet!

We brought a ton of our partials to FWA 2016 this year, and we have lots of pictures of them! We had a lot of visitors to our booth this weekend. Here's a picture of our booth featuring our Wintermint Fursuit (center) and Pearl Kigu (far right)! You can also see all of our partials in the back :D



We also delivered our Sniper Kigu to @Twilight_Saint!

And our Cobalt Husky found a home with @FoxianFlare!

@TannerWolf5 went home with Wintermint! Check out the awesome pics:
Below is @Tannerwolf 5 with @ReaperBat!
Here's @classy_corgat with the Black Cat partial:
We also had a very fun Lemonbrat photoshoot on Saturday. All photos are compliments of @KitsuneTeej. Check out Blue Eyed Fox Photography and see all the awesome shots from the Lemonbrat Photoshoot!
Our favorite buy at this con were these adorable Charks from Impistry! We couldn't stop with just one, we had to get three! Impistry has some super adorable stuff so be sure to check them out!
It's fursuit crush time! This con our fursuit crush goes to @munething and that adorable wagging tail! This fursuit is made by Mixed Candy, so also be sure to visit their twitter and web site!
This weekend we are MCFC and FM bound so stay tuned for more fun news from us!

Written by Barbara Staples — April 01, 2016

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