Written by Barbara Staples — April 05, 2016


Sakari Kujala:

It looks awesome. I might even dare to wear it to my job

April 07 2016


I dont have enough money for anything on this website. But if I did I’d probably buy one of everything

April 10 2016


I’ve never had one, and have always been to poor to imagine having one so having one would be soo awesome XD!!!

April 11 2016


There’s lots I want from Lemonbrat, this is not one of them, but I’ll take it and wear Lemonbrat with pride!

April 13 2016


I will die if I lose. everyone good luck! ;)

April 13 2016


I have nothing furry yet, this would be a great start! <3

April 15 2016


Even Though I’m a fox, I wouldn’t mind being a wolf if it meant wearing this XD

April 15 2016

Keagan Raccoon:

Great job on the hoodies! They Look amazing!

April 18 2016


I hope I can win it but I will be happy for whom ever gets it.

April 19 2016

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