Convention Report: Ohayocon 2014!

Convention Report: Ohayocon 2014!


Despite a harrowing journey home through 50mph winds and snow so thick they couldn’t see more than a few feet in front of them, Mike and Ryan had a fantastic time at this year’s Ohayocon!  In a rare turn of events, the duo was actually split between two booths that were on opposite ends of the dealer’s room.  Mike manned the rave gear and accessories booth while Ryan had the lion’s share of the hoodies and paws.

  ohayo-limeravewolf  ohayo-pandorable

This split lead to some hilarious double takes from people who would stop in front of one booth and wonder if they’d just gone around in a circle.  Overall though, folks were happy to see us spread out and the two had no trouble directing customers to and from each other’s booths to make sure they found exactly what they were looking for.

ohayo-fox ohayo-yellow

Ohayocon 2014 marked the very first con that we brought merchandise featuring both the Fruit Bats and the Little Woods.  Both lines were a huge hit with pencil cases, satchel bags and button sets selling out from both booths!  On more than one occasion, Ryan noted people stopping by the booth and asking if he was the one selling the adorable fox buttons.  Meanwhile Mike had to steal all of the Fruit Bat button sets from the other booth in order to keep himself stocked.

ohayo-reddragon ohayo-wolf2

The con itself was a ton of fun.  Ryan was able to get himself the latest volume of the Ohio-born webcomic, Spinnerette while Mike chatted up cosplayers and fellow vendors all weekend long.  Besides having a great line up of guests and panels, Columbus itself is home to some amazing restaurants, cafes and attractions.  Mike and Ryan got the chance to grab dinner with the folks at Aardvark Tees at Barleys wherein many burgers were consumed and good times had.  Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream was also on the menu and Lemonbrat would like to (completely unofficially) profess their love for their Dark Chocolate flavor.  It was heavenly!

ohayo-blue ohayo-panda

Ohayocon was a great show for us and we were happy to see so many Lemonfans there.  Thank you all so much for making the show a real hit and we look forward to doing it again next year!

Barbara Staples

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