If you're looking for a good con to show off your fursuit at, FurSquared is definitely a good option! There were tons of con goers wearing their cute fursuits! The con community was full of friendly, wonderful people.

Here's a picture of how our booth was set up there:

Our booth got a visit from Dreamscape, one of our completed custom kigus!

Our partials were a big hit and we got some great pics of the happy owner to our cat partial

The newest edition to our fursuit family is Frelsar who debuted at FurSquared. Here's some images:

What a cutie! He is a Pine Martin, in chocolate and neon lime colors.


Above is a pic of Frelsar with Case (at FurSquared, obviously).

FurSquared had a ton of fursuiters, and they all got to show off at the parade on Saturday. You can watch the fursuit parade here (video by mrpants100). Our partial is in the video at 1:33, and Frelsar is at 1:44!

If you are a part of the 21+ audience there's then FurSquared also offers some fun drink-related panels, like the Celebrity King's Cup panel that we went to. It was certainly a fun time! ^_~

Our Fursuit Crush from this con was Ellune. Check out this awesome fursuit. It has such beautiful eyes, plus light up LED claws, so cool! He made his own costume, including the LED work, and the airbrushed spots.

Lastly, we commissioned some artwork from Ifus, who was selling her beautiful art there! We are so excited - brand new badges for Bitz & Treble - can't wait for her to get them done. :D

I'm sure most peeps are familiar with her work, but it's always worth looking at again!

Written by Barbara Staples — March 03, 2016

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