Con Report: Anthrocon 2016!

Con Report: Anthrocon 2016!

We had such an amazing time at Anthrocon this year. We got to see lots of amazing suiters, talented artists, and much much more! Read on to see some highlights of our Anthrocon experience :D

On Friday we had a Lemonbrat photoshoot, all of the photoshoot images were taken and edited by @KitsuneTeej so be sure to check them out! You can see more pictures from the full album here!

Here's some of our partials/suits that made it to the Photoshoot!

We handed out these badges to the participants:

And the twins got reunited!! (Pixx is on the left)

Meet Token the raccoon and Etch the hyena, who got engaged during the con! Congratulations to you two! c:
And of course there is Rocket Pup in the middle of them :D

Our fursuit crush this year was Kai the Kitty Fox! This is his first fursuit which he got at the con! This suit was made by Keeatah, it's very detailed, we love it!

We bought this awesome T-shirt from @Lydiarts.
She currently has a kickstarter running right now for these adorable spotty animal plushes, so please show your support :D

Barbara Staples

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