Here's a few pictures of how our booth looked:

Here is the Tiger Cat suit is now owned by @Metasnowmew 

 The dance competition was really exciting this year, FurCon TV's channel has an awesome video of it you can watch:

Hana got debuted! We were so excited to see @_650twoface walking around this weekend!



Growl After Dark came out with a new volume to their series The Woods. (NSFW Content

@RileyBlackCat and @JezebelTart collaborated on this title,

you can support them on patreon (Must be 18+ years old!


or visit the Growl After Dark web site (also 18+):




The next con on our agenda is Fur Squared so look for us there if you are going!



Written by Barbara Staples — January 18, 2017

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