If you purchase one of these guys there is an option for pick up at Midwest Fur Fest, or we can ship it to you! Find the listings and suits below :D

Cool Sloth Partial:

Buy Cool Sloth here: http://lemonbratcustoms.com/listings/#!/Cool-Sloth-Partial/p/76110582/category=13833004

Love Puppy full suit:

Buy Love Puppy here: http://lemonbratcustoms.com/listings/#!/Love-Pup/p/76110580/category=13833004

Cotton Candy Lion full suit:
Buy Cotton Candy Lion here: http://lemonbratcustoms.com/listings/#!/Cotton-Candy-Lion/p/76110575/category=13833004

Written by Barbara Staples — November 28, 2016

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