Werewuff was for sale at Anthrocon 2016 and has been sold. Werewuff came to our Lemonbrat Photoshoot (photos by Blue Eyed Fox Photography) and can be seen in the center front of the picture below c:


-giant ears
-big chompers
-amazing 2-way mirror eyes (lots of visibility!)
-top quality faux furs
-puffy paws with big 'ole claws
-big tail, removable from suit
-digitigrade legs
-removable and adjustable thigh padding
-fursuit feet with built-in-shoes
-big cuddle claws on toes, with dew claws

Watch the video below or click here!

Written by Barbara Staples — July 13, 2016


robert sowders II:

those eyes…. that tail…. the fluffy ears GAH ITS TOO CUTE!!

July 13 2016

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