Variants & Add-Ons

Variants are add-on elements that can be added to your hoodies, backpacks, tails, and ears that you're currently purchasing.

Add-ons require you to already have a hoodie (or other item) already loaded into you're cart - then you just select the add-ons you want!

If you don't see the add-on your looking for in the listings please consider submitting a custom order form.





If you would like to build a hoodie from the ground up please try our BUILD-A-HOODIE section. This gives you many more options for building a hoodie from the ground up!!

It is listed on a secondary shopping cart from this because the other cart allows for more robust option selection. If you want to purchase something on lemonbrat.com in tandem with your custom please use this free shipping code: CUSTOMFREEDOM when you check out of lemonbrat.com.



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