Standard Devil Bat Wings - Color Options

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Our wings are made of soft anti-pill fleece and therefore match all our other fleece products quite well if you're looking to combine items to make your outfit complete! They also have a wire running through them so each wing is possible!

The wings have details on one side - with a solid color on the other side. They ARE REVERSIBLE so if you would like to  details to be seen from the front (opposite of our pictures) you can just wear the wings flipped around!

The wings tie in around the arms with a thin elastic. We tied them with a criss-cross design for extra stability but it isn't necessary to do so. Once you've found the desired tightness for the elastic on your wings we recommend double knotting your elastic under the armpit and cutting away the excess elastic to make the elastic less obvious!

Materials: Fleece + Elastic + Wire

Size: One size fits most


Items take 2 - 6 business days to ship because all the items are handmade to-order in our Chicago studio.