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The solid white belly and furry tufts along the side and shoulders help create a striking real wolf coat effect. Each of these purple stripes were individually cut and sewn to a solid black hoodie to create this eye-catching custom. This was the first hoodie to feature our deluxe wing design.  These wings can be posed in many different positions!
The fuchsia spots on this design were hand sewn and contrast the candy pink body. The tufts of long pile faux fur on the chest and hood add texture to the overall look.  This hoodie also has our pawed glovelet sleeves!

A dress style custom, this piece has layered large angel wings and a short feminine tummy shape accented by hand sewn spots.  The hood is topped with erect tall ears and circle ram horns to give the whole dress a chimeric look.

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Bright, colorful and totally tricked out, this "anime lion" hoodie features big round ears, deluxe paw sleeves, a tail that the wearer can pose and striped inner sleeves!

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Another hoodie featuring the pawed glovelet sleeves, this custom has simple, yet bold hand sewn striping with a short tufty tummy that extends up into the hem of the hood!

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The Valant custom was our very first attempt at a padded chest which gives it an armored, bulky feel.  The large tail is connected to the loop on the hood in order to keep it upright and distribute the weight (because it is BIG). 

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This piece features a lot of different layering affects on the torso, sleeves and ears.  Each layer has a rough furry edge that draws the eye.  The large XIII on the pocket was done in faux leather and each of the wings is a different style to represent good and evil.

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An adorable St. Bernard hoodie complete with emergency barrel!  This piece features furry tufts on the sides and shoulders to create a more realistic St. Bernard coat that extends all the way down the long sleeves!

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Starting off with a black dress style hoodie, we added bright purple stripes with furry edges to add texture, and did the same with the inner ear tufts and the legwarmers that complete the ensemble.  As a final touch, we used a high quality transfer material to add the "Toxic" text on the side.

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Each spot on the tail and sleeves were individually sewn and the effect is very striking.  Toxic Wolf also features a short tufty tummy style with a faux leather emblem on the back.  The triple fire hawk and double standard tufts frame the hood as well.

Grave's custom hoodie features a solid gold emblem made of faux leather on the crest of the hood as well as a short bulb tummy framed in shoulder tufts.  The deluxe paw sleeves, back and tail also feature hand sewn tufted striping!

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The large flower on the back of the "plant monster" hoodie is made of hand sewn fleece petals inlaid with an interfacing material to help them keep their shape.  The same was done for the large, detailed leaves that extend over the top of the hood and shoulders.  The hoodie also features deluxe sleeves tipped with large white fleece claws.

Niro is an adorable little critter that we were very excited to give the hoodie treatment.  This piece feature custom striping on the back, tail and sleeves and personalized large tufted ears!

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On the front, the Klaora Kirin is a beautiful pure white dress-style hoodie with detached deluxe paw gloves and a large tuft of fur on the chest.  The hood features horns and a large triple fire hawk.  On the back...  Well, it pretty much speaks for itself.  Each scale is an individual piece of fleece attached by hand to create a layered effect that extends out past the base of the large tail!

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Cookie is a wolf fursona that we were asked to design a hoodie for.  His ears have tri-colored stripes and frame a triple fire hawk.  On the hood, you can see a paw print made of individually sewn fleece pieces.  The tail is a flat canine tail as opposed to a canine curl tail, which we use for our standard wolf hoodie.

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 Mina asked us for an 8-tailed fox dress, but with a few unique twists.  The hood is designed to look like hair done up in a bun and the tummy features a narrow feminine shape that blends in with the white hem of the hoode.  The glovelet sleeves also extend all the way to the elbow and feature custom white patterning along the top of the arm with orange on the bottom.

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Sabotage has some very simple colors blended together with lots of cool layers and details.  The big blue stripe on the back is accented with blue swirls on the sides and large tufts on either side of the hood.  The tummy is an altered narrow diamond with another black swirl on the inside edge.

Going above and beyond our regular Cheetah hoodie, this Deluxe Cheetah has all hand sewn spots and a solid white tummy to create a more vibrant cheetah-like coat.  The interior of the long sleeves are also white to enhance this effect!

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 Behemoth has a narrow spade tipped tail, but the real focus of the piece is the great maw of a hood which has a row of white faux leather fangs under a muzzle and set of horns also done in faux leather - a truly monstrous creation!

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Veined insect wings are arguably the most noticeable feature of this design, but the large insectoid eyes and standard antennae make the hood stand out as well.  The body features long fluffy shoulder details that extend onto the glovelet sleeves.

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Custom striping along the hood and at the edges of the short sleeves compliment a striped forward hawk along the top of the hood.  A large tuft then blends into a narrow smooth tummy!

 Rufen's fursona was a real treat to work on and features a plethora of custom  details that were all done by hand - striping along the back and shoulders, personalized horns and ears along the top and sides of the hood and a large tail with a tufted underside!

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This Hyena hoodie features a crazy large mohawk between a pair of big round ears with inlaid fleece tufts.  The paw sleeves feature a tufted edge around the paws and each spot on the back and sides is individually sewn by hand! Appropriately, this Lizard Wolf comes with a detachable tail - just in case the wearer needs to escape from a predator in a hurry!  We also made some custom colored paws with claws to match the hoodie's pocket, body and mohawk colors!  This colorful bat was the first hoodie we every made to feature deluxe wing sleeves.  These fabulous pinions end in glovelets for the wearer's hands.  Along the top of the head, shoulders and the wings themselves, we've used rainbow patterns of various tufted pieces of fleece to contrast against the simple gray of the main body.
A truly unique piece, this custom hyena was made from a black fleece hoodie base.  We then layered long pile faux fur on top to create a shaggy fur coat effect.  The gray spots and lime green fur crest that spans the head, back, shoulders and arms are all hand sewn. Dorian's custom has a unique ponytail design on the hood that we're really proud of.  The rest of the hood has tufts coming out every which way and gives the whole piece a very feral feel.  Deluxe claw paw sleeves add to the savage spirit of the hoodie! This hoodie ended being a very complex puzzle as we cut and attached each spot by hand to the hoodie itself and then added an additional spot on top of that to create the beautiful snow leopard pattern you see here!

A simple gray dragon hoodie up until you reach the tip-top, Eridor features some of the coolest horns we've ever put on a hoodie.  The center set is flanked by a pair of wickedly forked horns and the side of the hood features intricate finned ear pieces.  Each of these is made of black faux leather which was also used to make the claws on each wing.

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A custom dress with a lot of character, Dee's design has custom glovelet sleeves with hand sewn spots and a smorgasbord of stripes along each side and at the shoulders.  The whole piece is topped with a pair of caracal ears featuring a stripe along the edges and two large horns held up by a headband sewn into the hood itself!

 Getting its name from the large bananas on either of the long foppy ears, this dress style custom's narrow squared tummy leads up into a white hem around the hood and a large chest tuft.  The extra broad large puff tail has a similar white tuft.  Atop the hood are two medium horns cradling a tufted hair design.

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This custom wolf takes our standard wolf pattern and adds a thin black border helps outline the narrow straight tummy and matches the black hem along the base and hood.  The long sleeves also feature thicker black stripes at the wrist and elbow and a white line pattern across the back adds detail to what would otherwise be a solid orange piece. The signature feature of Able's custom is the 4-foot long paint brush tail, but the whole piece is bright and colorful!  The tall and wide canine ears with white tufts surrounded by a mop of blue really make the hood stand out. Working off of our Cheshire Cat design, Twytch challenged us with a unique request for glovelet sleeves that fit inside short sleeves. We tackled this task by developing a "crop top" with glovelets that is worn underneath the hoodie itself.  The effect is very striking!
The yellow dragon is a fantastic example of a simple design that is striking and adorable.  We didn’t change much beyond the colors of our black dragon hoodie, but the addition of a sweet mohawk and large bat ears definitely make it stand out! The beautiful Teal Swirl Wolf Custom Hoodie is an uncomplicated design with some incredibly intricate details.  The main body begins with our basic wolf hoodie design done entirely in white with a wide fluffy tummy panel.  From there, we had a series of hand cut and hand sewn spiral and starburst designs that were done in a bright teal. We adapted our classic lion hoodie for this project.  The mane was extended into a mohawk across the top of the hood that extends around the neck and shoulders.  We incorporated our wide tufted tummy design into a full fluffy back design by extending it over the shoulders.
The Casseopeia custom hoodie is a truly exceptional design.  The tri-wing design on the back is unlike anything we’ve done before. This hoodie also feature a ringed fluff tail, a long stemmed pom pom on the hood and a distinctive stripe that rings the body from the right should and underneath the left arm. For the back of this custom, we cut out a custom tufted arrow design by hand and sewed it down.  The front has a long bulb design with tufted edges to give it a little more texture.  For the dingo’s tail, we altered the traditional curved tail of our wolf and husky hoodies into an S-shape!

In the front, we have a fairly simple narrow diamond tummy panel with tufted edges.  A small bit of tufting was also hand cut and added to the zipper right by the neck.  Around the back, we started with our basic flat tailed skunk design.  The designer wanted a unique double helix pattern which we cut by hand and sewed down.  This was topped off with additional swirls on the hood and a big fluffy mane of jade and goldenrod fleece which match the double helix!

This ferocious custom dragon hoodie features a narrow hex chest pattern, deluxe wings and custom spikes.  Each spike is a hand cut piece of fleece that was sewn into place by our elite team of sewing wizards.  The white chest piece also blends into the hem of the hood creating a stark contrast with the red body of the hoodie! We used gold faux leather to create the horns atop the hood.  The ruffles around the hem of the hood and mohawk on top were each custom designed and hand cut pieces.  The mohawk extends all the way down the back of the hoodie and onto the deluxe finned tail.

The overall hoodie is very simple, but features big, lovable caracal style ears and a big ol’ heart on the right pocket with an adjoining big ol’ muffin on the left! Both designs were cut out by hand and then sewn onto the hoodie adding a distinctive flair to this otherwise uncomplicated piece.

This unique design is based off of our standard Wolf Hoodie pattern. Each of the diamond and star patterns on the sleeves and back of the hoodie are hand cut and hand sewn.  The custom tufting on the hood, chest and back are also all hand cut and hand sewn. We also made sure to take special care with the custom spots and hair on the hood to make sure they were perfect!

This gorgeous design has so many details.The ear has a tufted inner rim which matches the custom striping around the torso. The tail is extra long so that it can wrap around the front of the hoodie. The hood is also two-toned with a big ruffly mane that extends down to the shoulders.

Our standard Skunk Hoodie comes in a simple black and white with a big, stuffed tail.  For this design, we very clearly jazzed up the colors, but we also made a few other changes.  The tail was changed to a flat style which makes the hoodie a bit lighter.  The chest tufts on the front are another addition and work well with the overall color scheme!

Caltsar’s Custom Hoodie utilizes a lot of pieces we’ve made before, but has some very unique elements.  The lighter tummy panel reaches up past the neck and into the hem of the hood. The bottom of the tail is also done in this lighter color, but the real stars of the show are the gloved hands!

These gloves are similar to our paw sleeves, but with a slimmer fit.  Each finger ends in a gold, faux leather claw and there’s a slit in the wrist of the sleeve so that the wearer can poke their hands out if need be.

This custom Red Panda Dress utilizes our “bubble dress” style with a custom crop top to match!  The dress itself features not one, but two chest tufts.  The white tuft is matched on the sleeves of the crop top to give the whole piece a cohesive look.  This dress was also requested without a tail, which makes it a little bit more subtle than some of the other custom orders we recieved.

The custom crop top is a great option for this (or any) hoodie.  Worn underneath the pull-over dress, it gives the wearer the option of wearing sleeves that match the main body or going sleeveless – whatever’s most comfortable!

Rather than use a tiger print fleece, we upped the ante with this design and did all the striping by hand. Per customer request, we also added white to the underside of the long sleeves and tail to give it that realistic tiger coat finish!

We did a lot of extra details and striping and…well, let’s just say we really didn’t want to ship it off when we were done with it. The wing sleeves, mohawk and shoulder/neck ruffles make this one hot item!

A lot of effort went into cutting each of the striped pieces of fleece for the distinctive pattern on this hoodie. We sewed each piece down by hand and then added extra layered tufting on the head, chest and tail!

This striped bat hoodie adds extra detail on our “wing sleeve” design and adds custom tufted striping on the torso and hood.  All of the tufted edges are hand cut and hand sewn!

The deluxe wings, feathered tail and crest atop the hood gave us the chance to really spread our wings and make something beyond cool!  

When our friends over at Sorbet Jungle asked for a hoodie of their charming Skelicat design, we pounced at the chance to throw this adorable kitty a bone!

We used hand cut and sewn faux leather for the skull design on the front of the hood.  The rib cage and tail were crafted from white fleece and stuffed to give them more depth.  Our Skelicat’s feathered friend (or meal, if you prefer) is another piece of faux leather.  The pockets are designed to work as a money belt since Sorbet Jungle likes to work with us at various conventions across the country!

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Each of the spots on the back are hand cut and hand sewn.  We also tricked out the ear and cheek tufts on this one to come up with something unique, fun and cute to boot!

Levyn gave us a really cool design to work from that involved a custom hairstyle around the hood, earrings in the ears and a great big panel that spans the tummy and chest of the hoodie. The overall result is fun without being overly complicated!

This Horned Dragon Lizard's eyes, mouth and nostrils on this one are all hand cut pieces of faux leather.  Unlike other backpacks that we've made, the face of this one protrudes a bit into a short snout.  We also did custom striping on the tail and tufting along the outer edges of the head and bottom!

Our black cat backpack was used as a base for this piece.  The tail was altered with custom, tufted striping and a layered hairdo was added out of hand cut fleece panels.  Done up in a bright and bold hot pink, this backpack is ready for any party!

This delightful blond tanuki backpack is a custom design based off our popular red panda backpack.  We modified the ears, swapped out a few colors and added the sweet hairdo and BAM! Instant blond tanuki!  When constructing this design, we hand cut each of the stripes on the tail, the hair and the tufts on the big ears.  We then sewed them down with the same love and care that we put into all of our designs! This custom caracal backpack has the species’ signature tall, black-tipped ears and a big white tummy which also encompasses the two front pockets.  The thick, dark eyebrows were made by request.

This manta ray design actually came to us from someone in Kona, Hawaii who works with rays for a living!  The unique pattern on the belly is the same as her favorite manta ray and we were happy to hand cut each spot and shape for her!  Like all of our backpacks, this one features adjustable straps and a nice chunky zipper for access to the main pocket!