You can collect a sticker for every $10 or $20 you spend with lemonbrat.com! We give stickers for online purchases and at convention purchases!

Once you have filled the card you win $50 off your next purchase!

The Rules:
1. You will be sent a card and your discount stickers with each purchase.
 Your discount card must be handed in at our booth, or for online transactions we need a photograph of your completed card so we may supply you with your coupon code, usable on www.lemonbrat.com. (email: lemonbrat@gmail.com).
You get a full sticker for $20 worth of spending, and a half sticker for $10 worth of spending. No smaller values are credited with a sticker.
Stickers are only applied per purchase, therefore two purchases at $5 each would not earn a half-sticker, and so on.
Your $50 off is applicable to anything available on out website!.

–YES! We do backdate stickers IF you send us a photo of yourself in or interacting with your lemonbrat gear! Photos can be posted on facebook and tagged back to us, or sent directly to our email! We can then issue you the stickers for the visible merchandise!


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