Add Horns to my hoodie!

You are about to add cheek tufts or face detail to a hoodie you currently have loaded into your shopping cart! This cannot be applied to an item you already own!

Color Options: Cheek tufts and face details are available in any of the colors featured in the color options card! You can even color each stripe a different color! Please no gradients, stripes, or spots - only solid colors. We have a drop-down available as well as a text box to describe the colors if needed.

Which hoodie is this for?: (optional) If you only have 1 hoodie in your cart during this purchase we can assume this add-on belongs to that hoodie! We have provided the above description box above if you have multiple hoodies in your cart. (ie: These tufts are for the Teal Fox, size M)

Upload a pic I've Colored: (optional) You have the option to download any of the pics on our site, color them, and upload them to us here to use as reference for your order. :)

Customs: If you would like Cheek tufts or face details that look different from our options, or you want gradients, stripes, or spots please email us for a custom quote before placing your order.


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