Color Swap any FOX HOODIE

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Color Swap any FOX HOODIE
Color Swap any FOX HOODIE
This is a free add-on to change the colors of a hoodie you have loaded into your shopping cart!

Use this coloring page to re-color the hoodie with out available colors and submit it in the upload box!

Components of this Hoodie: (Good to use when referring to them in the text box above.) Inner Ears. Back of Ears. Ear Tips. Hood. Hoodband. Body. Pockets. Zipper. Hemband. Upper Tail. Tail Tip.

Color Options: Hoodies are available in any of the colors featured in the color options card! You can even color left and right sides different colors! Please no gradients, stripes, or spots - only solid colors. Zippers available in: Black, white, tan, light grey. We have a drop-downs available as well as a text box to describe the colors if needed.

Which hoodie is this for?: (optional) If you only have 1 hoodie in your cart during this purchase we can assume this add-on belongs to that hoodie! We have provided the above description box above if you have multiple hoodies in your cart. (ie: Color Swap for the Teal Fox, size M)

Upload a pic I've Colored: (optional) You have the option to download any of the pics on our site, color them, and upload them to us here to use as reference for your order. :)

Customs: If you would like a hoodie that look different from our options, or you want gradients, stripes, or spots please email us for a custom quote before placing your order.

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