Lion Backpack

Lion Backpack!

This backpack is mega-adorable! It's made of hugable, soft anti-pill fleece. It has two front pockets on it's tummy, and one giant pocket in the back. The back pocket takes up the whole backside of the backpack giving you ample room to put your wallet, cell phone, and other items! The backpack comes with adjustable stretchy shoulder straps. The most important aspect of this super sweet backpack are it's big doe eyes, they look at you lovingly . . . "give me a home they" say!

Size: approx. 9.5in x 15in (zipper opening: 9in, neck width 7.5in)

Material: anti-pill fleece, metal zipper, elastic straps

Care: Backpack can be machine washed on a gentle cycle if needed though spot cleaning is the safest option. Air dry, no heat.


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