Marbled Kirin Partial

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Recommended for people with a head size of 22.5-24" around. The head will likely look best on bodies that are size Medium or larger - if you're particularly short or petite the head might look proportionally large, which is fine if you like that toonie look.

Items Included:

HEAD: Bright following eyes, resin teeth, minky nose and tongue. Ventilation through eyes and open mouth. There is a zipper running up the entire back of the head, making it easier to put your head on while wearing glasses.

SLEEVES: Fits biceps up to 15". Sleeves are a length of 27". And elastic band connects the two sleeves so they can be worn easily under your regular shirt.

HAND PAWS: Faux leather paw pads. Size Medium, fits most hands.

TAIL: Has two belt loops at base - must be worn with a belt.


*Sizing sold as-is. Adjustments can be done by us for a separate cost, email for more detail.