Pink Deluxe Fur Set

A great 7-piece set to make your outfit complete! All of these items are listed separately on our site - but buying them together here saves you money! You save $20!!

The Set comes with:

Fluffy fur on the back side, and white fleece on the inside ear. Approx 4.5" high and sits on a durable 1/4" wide headband. The ears are adjustable - so you can space them father apart or closer together as needed!

Has a medium amount of fluff for a poofy, yet not to heavy look. Our tails are approx 24" long. Our new tail design features both a belt loop and sturdy chunky pin to pin to your pants, shorts, or skirt.

They look great worn alone, or at the ends of long sleeve shirts! 4" long (minus fur length), stretches to about 10".

Adjustable Elastic band fits legs up to 20" wide – legwarmers approx 21" long.



Made of a sturdy faux leather - no real leather used, so no adorable, dead mammals! The collar has a buckle closure, affixed with a stretch elastic tab for comfort while wearing. It has six notches for adjust-ability. Centered on the collar is a sturdy D-ring.



Consists of the hand grip plus a 4ft long metal chain with clasp on the end which hooks easily to the D-ring on collar. It is made in matching materials and colors to the collar.



Nifty fingerless gloves made in a 4-way strechy spandex. Comfy to wear, and can add some flair to really pull out the color of your wrist accesories. they measure at 9in long and fit most wrist sizes.

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The set you buy comes exactly as pictured unless you specify other changes in the notes when purchasing. Your choices are:

-We have these items available in 16 other color options - you can mix and match! (ie: want a red set with black legwarmers and wrist poofs)

-The ears and tail are also available with white tips or solid color, instead of the pictured black tips.
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Size: One size fits most 
Material: Long pile faux fur, fluff, cuteness!

Made-To-Order!!!! All of our items are made specifically for each customer, and every order. The example shown in the pictures is from a previous commission and minor details can change depending on availability. Our team of fan-artists work every day to make enthusiasts like you happy!

*Headband color may vary depending upon stock, but will always look awesome!

Items take 2 - 6 business days to ship because all the items are handmade to-order in our Chicago studio.


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