Wolf Furry Ear & Tail Set, Halloween Costume, Wolf, Grey, Howl

Ears and Tail, Buy as a set or as individual pieces!

Ears are 4.5 inches tall. The come on a discrete 1/4th in headband, and are built with a gap at the base of the ears so you can pull your hair through the gap to help hide the headband – so nifty!

Tail is 2 feet long, and comes with an attached safety pin and belt loop for attaching to your pants or skirt.


Size: One size fits most.

Material:  Items are made in a matching faux fur and grey fleece.

This item is handmade by our studio in Chicago, IL!

Items take 2 - 6 business days to ship because all the items are handmade to-order in our Chicago studio.


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