Lets Talk About Cloth Mask Safety!

Lets Talk About Cloth Mask Safety!

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When we started making our animal muzzle masks back in 2016 we were just thinking about awesome, nerdy fashion. We had no idea we would one day be helping to fight a global pandemic! But here we are, creating masks that can help keep people safe. But just how protective are cloth masks against COVID-19 and other germs? Lets talk about cloth mask safety to find out!

How protective are cloth masks?

The CDC recommends that all people wear cloth masks while out in public during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 is thought to spread predominantly through droplets - expelled particles when an infected person breaths, coughs, or sneezes. These droplets coat surfaces. Then people touch those surfaces and later put their hands up to their faces. The droplets can also be inhaled by others - this is where masks come in!

Masks are used as a barrier between yourself and others. However, cloth masks are NOT 100% effective against getting COVID-19 and other germs. This is because they do not provide a tight seal around the face, and do not prevent very small particles from getting through. Only items like N95 respirators can provide up 95% protection against germs - and that's only if fitted and worn properly to create a good seal around the face. If not fitted properly the effectiveness is reduced. Medical workers and others who use N95s go through yearly tests to make sure they are fitted for the proper size respirator - it's serious business! 

So why use a cloth mask if they aren't 100% effective? Because they are better than no covering at all! They offer some protection against inhalation of large droplets, and can be a good reminder against touching your face in public. Most importantly, they can protect others against you if you're sick by reducing the range your droplets are traveling. Some get trapped inside the mask. Unfortunately, COVID-19 can be spread by people who are carrying the virus but aren't showing any symptoms. You could have it without even knowing! Therefore, it's good to proceed into public with caution and courtesy by protecting others from the possibility of you being sick.

Using proper techniques when putting on and removing your mask can increase the protection it offers. That means put the mask on with clean hands, and don't touch the mask while it's on. Once you are set to remove it then do so by handling the elastic only, throw it straight into the washing machine, and wash your hands again. If you need to take your mask off and put it back on again, then you should sit it face down, so when you put it back on the side that goes against your mouth has not come into contact with any other surfaces.

You should be washing your mask after each public use - it's useful to own more than one if you need to go out in public a lot.

The other things you can do to keep safe!

Because simply wearing a mask isn't 100% effective, you must keep up with other CDC recommendations as well. You've heard all this before, but they are worth repeating:

  • Social Distance while in public. Stay at least 6 feet away to minimize contact with other's germs in the air.
  • Wash those hands with soap and water, for 20 seconds or more. Especially after sneezing, coughing, or being in a public area.
  • Use hand sanitizer if no soap and water is available.
  • Disinfect surfaces that are used regularly. Countertops, phones, tables, doorknobs, etc should all get wiped down.

Please see the CDC website for the most current information.

How do our masks compare?

Our masks are made of two cloth layers. One dense knit, and one athletic mesh - for breathable long-term wear. So that means they are great for avoiding touching your face, provides you some protection against large droplets (certainly better that nothing!) and protects others from your droplets.

There is a filter pocket between the two layers where you can put a self-supplied filter if desired. This can provide some added filtration, though, still not as good as an N95 respirator, because cloth masks and surgical style (pleated) masks can't create a seal around the face - there will always be airflow around the mask.

Our masks are stretchy, with elastic sitting around the ears for a secure fit. Our masks are available in two sizes, plus you can tie the elastic shorter for a tighter fit. The more secure the fit the better because that means the less possibility for air getting around the mask instead of through it.

Lets Talk About Cloth Mask Safety!

We also carry Ear Savers for those that do not like the feeling of elastic hugging their ears all day. 

Some of our available masks:

We offer many animal muzzle masks: Fox Mask, Husky Mask, Snow Leopard Mask, Dragon Mask, Red Panda Mask, House Cat Mask, and many more!

View all of them here: Animal Mask Collection.


Helping where we can!

In our free time we have been making cotton masks donation to medical workers who are still experiencing a shortage of proper N95 respirators and other needed PPE. These masks were designed specifically for their use. 


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