Fursuit Style and Price Guide

🍋Lemonbrat has been making fursuits since 2015. We use high quality furs and other materials to create custom one-of-a-kind designs for you.

Full suits start at $6,100


Starting Price: $2665 +

Averages between $3165 to $3865+ depending on complexity.

Our heads are casted in foam, with custom carving to achieve the right look for your fursona!

Standard Features include tongues in minky fur, and eyes and teeth are in a hard plastic. Our eyes are vibrant and have a follow-me effect. You see through the mesh of the iris & pupil.

Each head has a zipper running down the back and an adjustable inner strap that rests across the back of your head for a comfortable fit. These two factors make it easy for you to wear glasses with your suit - though it might take some practice to get everything on smoothly.

  • Some of the stuff we can do:
  • Small ears, big ears, HUGE ears. 
  • Fins, horns, spikes 
  • Bangs, mohawks, full heads of hair
  • Noses with nostrils
  • Ear and face piercings
  • Removable eyelids for various expressions 
  • Glasses (static or removable) 
  • Sewn-in knit liner 
  • Many more - just ask! 

Hand Paws

Regular Hands: $500 +
Puffy/Feral Paws: $600 +
Bappy Paws: $700 +
Small/Large Plastic Claws: +$85
Fabric Claws: +$150

Custom hand paws come standard with faux leather paw pads, and claws cast in hard plastic. We can do 4 or 5 fingers, claw paws, soft cloven hooves and various other styles.

Hands are fitted to measurements of your own hand for a solid fit. Hand paws can be made with cuddle pads, bean pads, or faux leather and cuddle claws upon request.

If you don't see what you're looking for here or in our gallery, feel free to ask about it! We're always happy to try new things. :)

Bappy Feral Hybrid

4 Finger Puffy

4 Finger Standard

4 Finger Standard

Standard Feral w/ Dew Claw

4 Finger Puffy Hoof

Feather Fingers

Feral Canine w/out Dew Claws

Slim Fit


Arm Sleeves: $215 +
Leg Sleeves: $235 +  

Sleeves are fitted to your provided measurements (or DTD). If you are buying a full suit that you also hope to partial in you, may want to buy a pair of Arm or Leg sleeves if you intend to wear short sleeve shirts or shorts.

Arm Sleeves run the full length of your arm, from shoulder to wrist, and are connected by an elastic band worn across your back.

Leg Sleeves can be made to fit below or above the knee, or all the way up to the upper thigh. A band of 2” wide elastic at the top of each sleeve holds them in place. 


Plantigrade Bodysuit: $1950 +
Digitigrade Bodysuit: $2450 +
Wide Plantigrade Bodysuit: $2350 +
Feminine Bust: add $350 +
Masculine Muscles: add $800 +
Extensive spots/stripes: add $2,000-$7,000 + 

Bodysuits are made specifically to fit your body shape, and are patterned off of a DTD that you provide us. Bodysuits have a zipper for easy in and out, and feature double-stitching plus seam serging for extra durability! Bodysuits with detached tails have extra support where the tail sits to avoid over-stretching, and an extra flap of fur to mask the tail’s attachment point from the outside.

Suits that feature extensive padding, like digitigrade suits, have padding that is removable as well as adjustable. You can add or remove stuffing as desired, or adjust the height at which thigh padding sits on your body because they attach to a belt worn under the suit. 

  • Some of the things we can make
  • Bodies with many spots, stripes, or tattoos
  • Bodies with scutes, horns, or spikes
  • Ribbed tummies for dragons, monsters, dinos
  • Cuff of legs attached to feet
  • Dropped Crotches for corgis, ferrets, etc
  • SPZs 

Bodysuits with Digitigrade Padding

Bodysuits with Specialty Padding

Very wide hips and bum padding

Curvy bust, hips, and bum padding

Small bust and moderate hip padding

Full body chubby padding

Moderate biceps, pecs, and abs

Bodybuilder muscle padding


Tuft to Knee Length: $185 +
Knee to Ankle Length: $395 +
Dragging Tail: $485 + 

Tails are made with belt loops at the back of the tail to attach around the waist via a 2 inch wide belt. This way they can be detached from the bodysuit for each cleaning and easier storage.

Tails are filled with soft high-quality stuffing, with larger tails specially constructed with a supportive inner core of batting or foam. Tails can be made that lay flat from the loop point, usually good for comfort or very long dragging tails. Or they can stick out from the body like a husky’s curl tail or a large shark tail - for when you want a dynamic look! It all depends on your personal preferences.

Tails can be attached to suits upon request (instead of made with loops).

  • Some of the things we can do:
  • Tails in all shapes and sizes from a bunny tuft to dragging the ground.
  • Short Cuddle fabric for rodents, lizards, dragons, etc.
  • Tails with many spots, stripes, or tattoos
  • Tails with scutes, horns, or spikes 


Small Back Wings $400 +
Medium Back Wings $550+
Large Back Wings $900 +
Arm Wings $550 +  

Wings are most often made in high quality cuddle fabrics, with internal structure for a smooth, durable look. We can make feathered styles, bat-like membranes, and fairy wings.

Back Wings come on a brace which sits across the upper back to keep the wings erect, and elastic straps fit around the shoulders like a backpack. The straps can be threaded through a bodysuit to hide them.

Arm Wings are set into sleeves and side seams of bodysuits. We can even add inner structure to elongate the wingspan if desired.  

Feet Paws

Slipper Feet $550 +
Standard Feet Paws $650 +
Stompy Feet Paws $900 +  
Fursuit Sandals: $295 +
Small/Large Plastic Claws: +$85
Fabric Claws: +$150

Feet Paws come in a variety of styles. They are all made to fit your shoe size, have zippers running up the back, and they sit at a height of about mid-way up your lower leg (about 10"-12” tall). Paw pads are made in faux leather, and claws in a hard plastic.

Slipper Feet are soft, and made with just fur and inner padding for a little bit of structure. They are like slippers, and do not have an inner shoe or any extra structure. They are comfy and made to be worn indoors only.

Outdoor Feet have croc-style shoes inside for a secure fit. They have a thick mat sole on the bottom of the foot so they can be worn outdoors. If you would like for us to use something different, please discuss with us and we can generally accommodate this for an additional charge / if you send NEW shoes in. 

Indoor Feet are like Outdoor Feet, except they have a fur bottom with paw pads.

Stompy Feet can be made in Indoor and Outdoor, varieties but have an extra built-up internal structure to look large and extra toony!

Paw pads and claws can be made in other materials upon request. 

Don't see what you're looking for? Ask away! We're always up for a new project!

Standard Foot Paws on a Plantigrade Bodysuit

Stompy Foot Paws on a Plantigrade Bodysuit

Standard Foot Paws on a Digitigrade Bodysuit

Stompy Foot Paws on a Digitigrade Bodysuit

Indoor Foot Bottom

Highly Customized Raptor Feet


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