Lemonbrat creates high quality custom fursuits.

We make fursuit parts, partials, and full plantigrade and digitigrade fursuits. Each project is a one-of-a-kind, durable work of art lovingly crafted by us in our Chicago based studio.

Check out our Style and Price Guide to learn more about our level of quality, what we can make, and get a sense of our prices. 

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We are open for Commissions!

We are currently accepting quote requests as well as commissions!

Our turnaround time is up to 1 year from the date of full payment. Please keep this in mind when requesting deadlines. 

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We want to create your character in it’s full, fluffy glory!

You’ve worked hard to create your own fursona / OC and we want to be the people that help you bring it to life!

If you’ve reviewed our Order Process, Style and Price Guide, and you wish to begin the order process with us, you can fill out a quote form. 

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Need a fursuit in a hurry?

We have premade partials available! Each one is unique, and able to ship to you right away. They are available in our shop.