Premade Fursuit Fashion Show!

Premade Fursuit Fashion Show!

Roman Yeener Roman Yeener
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Join us on Twitch for a showcase for a special Premade Fashion Show of our current premade fursuits for sale! 

Friday, Feb 19, 2021
Time: 5-7 pm CST

You will get to see our premade fursuits in action on live models. Watch them strut around our studio photo room, and strike some poses for the viewers! Watching the Twitch stream gives you ⭐SPECIAL ACCESS⭐ to purchase the premades before they go live to the rest of the public! We will provide a special link in the twitch stream for purchasing access so get your credit cards ready.

All of our premades come with a fursuit head, sleeves, tail, hand paws, a balaclava, a full body illustration, and handy info folder with update pricing and care instructions. Plus some extra little goodies. ;)

We offer add-on options for an inner head liner, emotive eyelids, and a muzzle fan. We can edit sleeve fit prior to shipping upon request.

Any premades not sold on stream will be available for on-site purchase a few days later - so keep an eye out if you don't make it.

Premade fashion show samples

A note on cleanliness: All models wear balaclava and masks. Premades are disinfected right after fashion show and shipping time frames mean a potential covid germ would be dead before reaching your door.

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