A Brief Fursuit Care Guide

Safety First!

You will get warm in fursuit! Take care to drink water, and take breaks as needed. Your visibility is reduced in a suit, so be aware of your surroundings. If you are prone to claustrophobia, have a low heat tolerance, or fear the lack of visibility then you should elect a friend to be your handler - someone to walk around with you in case you need some kind of assistance.

Packing for an Event

Don’t squish! Foam structures like heads and feet can deform if smooshed, especially the longer they sit in a position. When possible pack them in a hard case. Other fursuit parts can be folded up, and packed wherever you can fit them! Keep in mind that storing them folded for long periods of time can crease the fur fibers, so it’s best to unpack them and hang them once you’re back from a con.

Brush your suit! Keep your suit looking classy by brushing it before wear with a slicker brush.

Keeping Clean and Smell-Free

Wear Underclothes. You WILL sweat in a fursuit! To protect your fursuit head from sweat you should wear a fresh balaclava each time you wear your head. It will catch most of the sweat, and keep it from building up in your suit. If you get a bodysuit you will want to purchase athletic gear to wear under it to protect the suit.

Spray and Air out! Once you’ve taken off your fursuit items for the day, you can spray the inside of any part with a fursuit spray. Sprays can be purchased from various vendors (including us!) - and contain alcohol as a disinfectant. You should hang a bodysuit and any other parts you can so they can dry out overnight.

Washing your Suit

Don’t be a stinky fur! Wash your suit if it starts to look dirty or smell. There IS a point of no return - if you don’t wash it after many uses and keep it locked away in a box, stewing in its own stench then the smell will be baked in forever!

Bodysuit, Paws, Sleeves - These can all be put into the washing machine, on a gentle cycle. Cold water only! Turn bodysuits and sleeves inside-out to protect the fibers in the wash. Hang dry, or machine dry with NO HEAT. High heat of any kind will melt the fur fibers.

Head, Feet, Tails - A washcloth and a dab of detergent can scrub a spot off if needed. To fully clean we recommend hand scrubbing them in a bathtub with regular clothing detergent. Do not use Woolite, or a detergent containing a brightener or bleach. Allow to air dry, but not in direct sunlight, as it can discolor the fur. You can set items in front of a fan to speed up drying. You should clean a suit least a week before your intended event because items with foam and padding can take days to dry.