Con Report: Further Confusion 2017

 Here's a few pictures of how our booth looked:

Here is the Tiger Cat suit is now owned by @Metasnowmew 

 The dance competition was really exciting this year, FurCon TV's channel has an awesome video of it you can watch:

Hana got debuted! We were so excited to see @_650twoface walking around this weekend!



Growl After Dark came out with a new volume to their series The Woods. (NSFW Content

@RileyBlackCat and @JezebelTart collaborated on this title,

you can support them on patreon (Must be 18+ years old!


or visit the Growl After Dark web site (also 18+):




The next con on our agenda is Fur Squared so look for us there if you are going!



Featured Lemonbrat Customs

Here are some Lemonbrat customs we recently featured on social media. Click on them to see them in the Lemonbrat Customs Gallery :)

Con Report: MFF 2016

We brought partials and full suits to the con this year. Mostly we had Lemonbrat pre-made partials but we also debuted Sindrake and Benji custom suits!

Here is Sindrake with Quibbles!

Here's a few of the pre-made Lemonbrat suits we brought:
OshiHidra the Bluejay Gryphon
Lemonbrat's red shark wearing a shark bandana
and Kehmet the adorable cobalt red panda! :D
scandiacus_fk the Asian Dragon

The Lemonbrat photoshoot was at 3:30 on Saturday. Once again our photoshoot photos are thanks to KitsuneTeej, find his stuff at BlueEyedFoxPhotography and be sure to check out all the other great MFF pics on his gallery!
For people who participated in the Lemonbrat photoshoot we handed out these badges:

Here is Ost with cool rat and wine panda! Case Ace Gryphon is also in the background

Our friends JezebelTart and RileyBlackCat at Growl After Dark debuted their first volume of the Woods!
Warning: content is NSFW!
You can check it out here: growlafterdark.com

For SFW content you can check out Growl Collective comics, more stories coming soon!

Our fursuit crush from MFF is Soboku made by AutumnFallings!
Here is Case and Soboku together!

Lemonbrat Pre-made suits (and partial) for sale!

If you purchase one of these guys there is an option for pick up at Midwest Fur Fest, or we can ship it to you! Find the listings and suits below :D

Cool Sloth Partial:

Buy Cool Sloth here: http://lemonbratcustoms.com/listings/#!/Cool-Sloth-Partial/p/76110582/category=13833004

Love Puppy full suit:

Buy Love Puppy here: http://lemonbratcustoms.com/listings/#!/Love-Pup/p/76110580/category=13833004

Cotton Candy Lion full suit:
Buy Cotton Candy Lion here: http://lemonbratcustoms.com/listings/#!/Cotton-Candy-Lion/p/76110575/category=13833004

New Fursuit Video: Sobek

Sobek is an albino crocodile, their twitter handle is @IndoCroc

Sobek Fursuit Features:

-Friendly eyes
-Sharp teefers!
-Soft scutes run down the head, back, and tail.
-Soft ribbed tummy.
-Removable tail.
-Slim feet.
-Plantigrade legs.

Watch the video below or click here!

Con Report: Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2016!



@lilychameleon got her first partial at RMFC, check out the cute vine she's in:



@lilychameleon and @randychameleon have a blog and podcast (content may be NSFW) so check out CarnalChameleon if you're interested :D

 We were super excited to see Ketaki debut at this con! Now @derplion and @derptravis both have Lemonbrat suits! (we loveeee this picture)

 @StraylightWTF got one of our jackalope hoodies and looks great in it :D

New Video: Ketaki

This suit just debuted at Rocky Mountain Fur Con 2016!
Check out Ketaki's twitter here: @DerpLion
Ketaki suit features include:

-Cool Mohawk
-Follow-me Eyes
-Fan in Head
-Puffy Paws
-Sparkle Paw Pads
-Feminine Padding
-Big, Removable Tail
-Tail spots glow under black light
-Big Toonie Feet
-Sparkle Pads on bottom of feet!

Check out the video below or click here!


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