Rocket Pup Full Suit Auction: OPEN! (Now Sold)

Rocket Pup Full Suit Auction: OPEN! (Now Sold)

We are auctioning off this Rocket Pup Lemonbrat Fursuit Starting June 3rd until June 9th. Bidding starts at $1,850. Head on over to our dealer's den to get your bid in!



This suit has a lot of features to it.

The paws have faux leather pads and the feet and hands both have red, white, and blue striped claws.

The paw pads have extra padding in the fingers to make them super toony.

The curl tail is detachable.

The feet have durable mats on the bottom so they can be used for outdoor use.

The head features follow me eyes, a fan, an elastic band to stay snug, plastic teeth with fangs, and a minky nose and tongue.

Happy Bidding :)

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  • Kayleigh

    I would sooooooooooooooooo love to buy that adorable suit!!! If I had the money… (btw, it looks a little like toothpaste with it’s white, red and light blue colours xD)

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